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US OFFICE OF PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT (OPM): Our faculty team of five instructors completed a week-long leadership development program for 150 young Department of Defense Non-supervisors. Client comments: “Dr. Looram, please share this with your delivery team...the DOD LSN participant evaluations for all 4 of you were exceptionally high...many great comments which are the most valuable for me....many folks were unwilling to “take a chance” with an unknown vendor but your references, track record, attention to every detail, and willingness to adjust on the fly made this a low risk decision for me—moreover, Bob warmed up to you fast. I do have Looram & Associates highly recommended with our super-prime instructional services contactor, CATMedia, and I will be pleased to plug you in for any customized LSN work.” Joe Schumacher, Program Director / Faculty OPM’s Center for Leadership Development 3151 So. Vaughn Way #300 Aurora, CO 800014 Joseph.Schumacher@opm.gov 303.671.1046 www.leadership.opm.gov

US ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY (EPA): We are in the third option year of a year long leadership program for 40 personnel. Client comments: “Your true knowledge on the subject of leadership was vey evident. You implemented a well planned leadership program that incorporated various learning mechanisms and created a comfortable, relaxed environment to increase participation but also pushed participants out of their comfort zone. You worked well to merge our needs with your lessons and activities”
feeley.James@epamail.epa.gov and Mohabir.Sonia@epamail.epa.gov

MACOMB COUNTY MI: During the first year we delivered the program to 150 county executives. We returned the following year to train an additional 100 executives and have been asked to return once more for additional training. Client comments: “The contractor did an excellent job in providing services for Macomb County. He was always responsive, open and flexible and able to adjust his approach as needed dependent upon his audience. His most positive aspects in the performance of the contract was his ability to engage even the most difficult audiences.” Lisa. Weber@macombcountymi.gov 586 469 5114

DEFENSE INFORMATION SYSTEMS AGENCY (DISA): We have delivered a nine-day leadership program to approximately 1000 GS 11-15s annually at locations across the United States, Europe, Hawaii, Guam and Japan. The contract has been renewd for the fifth option year. Course evaluations average 95% out of 100. Client comments: “I would highlight the professionalism and courtesy demonstrated by Looram & Associates when I managed the leadership program for DISA. The curriculum and instruction were excellent and the course evaluations echoed that sentiment. When we began providing more courses to the field locations, Looram & Associates were able to quickly adapt to the increase in demand without the quality of the course suffering. All instructors were very knowledgeable in the area of leadership. I would have no reservations in having Looram & Associates conduct any leadership training my organization might require.” Aaron Foster, aaron.foster@do.treas.gov (202) 622 1807

NATIONAL INSTITUTES FOR HEALTH (NIH) We delivered 12 days of leadership training for two different NIH divisions. Client comments: “The courses should be a requirement for EVERY employee. Dr. Looram's knowledge of the content was very well delivered. The class was engaged and active. I have attended three of Dr. Looram's leadership courses and each time I learned something new and powerful; that I can apply to my personal and professional growth. I not only enjoyed the class, but feel that I will be a better person if I can apply what was taught on a consistent basis.” Victor Montgomery, quepsiref1@aol.com 703 266 2365.

VETERANS ADMINISTRATION (VA) Client comments: “I have heard from our attendees about how great the last class was… I’m sorry to have missed it. The comments were resounding in the positive and people were very energized by it, so thank you!” Joseph Cognetti, Joseph.Cognetti@va.gov 513.861.3100 x4429

VETERANS ADMINISTRATION (VA) Client comments: “Many Thanks for your work. I am impressed by the feedback forwarded and the summary provided. I look forward to our continued collaboration. All the best.”Odette Harris, MD, MPH, Associate Professor, Neurosurgery, Director, Brain Injury, Stanford University School of Medicine, Associate Chief of Staff, Polytrauma,Director, Defense Veterans Brain Injury Center, VA Palo Alto HCS, (650) 723-5574-Clinical (650) 493-5000 ext 67233 or 62212


Listed below are emails received from participants in our seminar many years ago attesting to the long term impact of our programs:

AMERICAN MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION “A very long time ago I was fortunate enough to be sent to a leadership class taught by James Looram. At the time I was the youngest manager in the class. I remember being treated with respect as an equal. I remember feeling that my head was going to burst because there had been so much information given to me. I didn't want to lose any of it. I knew in time, it would all be needed. I've got 24 year now with what was Pacific Bell now SBC. Of all the classes I've taken during all these years – yours is the one I still refer back to my notes on. What you had to offer touched my life in so many ways. The little folder that I got is a little tired, but it will travel with me always. Just wanted to say thank you.” Martha Happ, Area Manager, mh7351@sbc.com

Hello Jim, I was a student in your seminar series back in 1992 at Carmel Highlands. The courses I took from you were monumental in my career and life. Wishing you the best and happiness in your life. “Rick Torrey, torreyrat@gmail.com



“This was by far one of, if not the best training course I have taken. I feel like I am leaving this first session with the foundations to make a productive change in my life. I’ve never been to a group training where the trainers made the entire group feel so comfortable so quickly. You two obviously believe what you teach and practice what you teach as well. Great trainers. Would recommend the course to anyone.” Kevin Hurley

“Dr. Looram is a must have. There are no trainers like this person out there”

“Engaging, approachable, funny. Able to learn easily from both. I left each day interested in what was presented. Instruments really nailed down characteristics of my behavior. I know what I can do to improve my relationships with co-workers.”
Gregory Santacroce

“Superb course design. Excellent trainers with a good sense of humor, knowledge and experience. Excellent mixture of lectures videos and games” George Jacob

“Very excited about the team project. A good chance to network and get to know other leaders in the region.” Jen Thatcher

“The instructors have a wealth of knowledge and are entertaining. The days went by quickly. The course pushed me out of my comfort zone and I liked that.” Lora Smith

“Excellent speakers. Very well done. Well paced. Well organized.” Elias Rodrigues

“Trainers were all very knowledgeable and their expertise was very valuable.” Evelyn Huertas

“Excellent, calm, professional approach. Their different styles were very effective.“ Evans Stamataky

“Instructors were great caring knowledgeable and funny.” Linda Timander

“Both trainers obviously have been doing this for along time. They both have command of the material and an engaging delivery.” Matt Laurita

“Good Material. Kept everyone relaxed and engaged.” Reema Loutan

“Dr. Looram and Bo effectively challenged me to think and respond outside my comfort zone, either with hard questions or exercises.” Richard Kan

“The fact that a group of 40 strangers were able to feel comfortable after a short period of time is remarkable. The right words were delivered at the right time. Tiago Oliveira

“Course was great. Very relevant material. Instructors were entertaining as always and extremely knowledgeable.” Matt Laurita

“I like their personal stories: effective at presenting material and capturing attention.” Reema Loutan

“ Great course. Jam packed with exercises and lectures that made us think and reflect on our roles in the agency”
“This is an excellent program that should be required for supervisors and highly encouraged for non-supervisory staff”
“Having a team task to propose our ideas to senior managers was the best experience of the program”
“ The team projects were an excellent element of the program because they were real projects, not exercises”
“Superb course design. Excellent trainers with a good sense of humor, knowledge and experience. Excellent mixture of lectures videos and games”
“Very excited about the team project. A good chance to network and get to know other leaders in the region.”
“The instructors have a wealth of knowledge and are entertaining. The days went by quickly. The course pushed me out of my comfort zone and I liked that.”
“I had taken the Stepping Up To Supervisor (SUTS) course given at Headquarters in the past and the LDP Program is far far more engaging and detailed. The progression of the program from self to teams to organization was very logical and effective.


“Dear Dr. Looram,

This is to thank you for all of your efforts in implementing leadership training in Macomb County. I continue to hear how our supervisors and managers are responding to your unique and memorable exercises. Something truly worthwhile was achieved in your classes. I am convinced that your leadership series has had a profoundly instructive effect on everyone who participated. I will never forget what you gave us and for that, I will always be deeply grateful.

Sincerely yours,

Patrick W. McLogan
Health Promotion/Disease Control Division
Macomb County Health Department”

“This is by far the most powerful training seminar I have ever attended. Excellent, excellent training materials and training exercises. Thank you!.”

“This has been the best training experience I have ever had.”

“All, all employees need this. Top Notch! Thanks!”

“A lot of information that can be applied immediately. Extremely knowledgeable. Personable – took time to make sure everyone grasped the concepts and felt safe.”

‘Outstanding. The best. Excellent, intelligent, experienced presenter. This was more than enjoyable. What you have taught us will be used”

“Excellent, interesting man. Makes you want to listen to him.”

‘I am spreading the word. Attend!”

‘I wish I had this training years ago! Excellent, humorous, open, inclusive!”

“Knows his stuff. Passionate about it!”

‘Makes people feel comfortable. Good knowledge of the subject. As been around.”

“Thought provoking, enriching, dynamic, knowledgeable, enthusiastic.”


“This was the best series of training I have ever taken Thank you for your insight and expertise.”
Sian Fisher

“ Best course I have attended! Spread the word!”
Cynthia Robinson

“This course is one of the best I have ever taken. Excellent instructor.”
Toni Moore

“Great course. Will use a lot of information both professionally and personally.”
Joan Patton

“This class was exceptional. Variety of teaching tools were used and I enjoyed Jim’s teaching style.”
Angela Heard

“Would like to see more future training classes with Jim Looram.”
Debbie Breedlove

“Very knowledgeable. Made class feel involved. Used personal experiences. Wealth of knowledge overall”
Veronica Dykes

“Due to my previous profession as a career Army Soldier and life-long student of leadership and management, I felt there was very little I would gain from this experience. I am glad I withheld that judgment and attended this training. Jim’s presentation covered the basic leadership philosophy and combined it with the real-world application. His style was unassuming and he brought to us powerful background experience and educated knowledge. I believe this course should be a required for all levels of leadership within NIH; both the experience and inexperienced.”
Christine Van Bemmel


“Very knowledgeable about their subject but also insightful people observers and facilitators.”

“Trainers had very strong backgrounds in leadership education and really made points that opened my perspective on leadership skills.”


“If I were given 15 minutes to talk with the Director of this Agency I would spend all 15 minutes telling him that after 11 years of active army time and 10.5 years as a government employee this is without question the finest, most relevant course I have ever taken. I have nothing but positive productive tools as a result of this course.

“The best leadership course I have ever taken. His presentation style and knowledge made the course what it was. Excellent!”

First course that I have been to in 21 years that “bonded” the group instantly and kept that bond throughout.

“Fantastic facilitator. Delivers the training with passion. Empowers students to learn from each other. Provides highly valuable individualized feedback”


“Obviously an expert on this subject matter. Puts things into a perspective I have never heard before”


“The course should be a requirement for EVERY DISA employee. Dr. Looram's knowledge of the content was very well delivered. The class was engaged and active. I have attended three of Dr. Looram's leadership courses and each time I learned something new and powerful; that I can apply to my personal and professional growth. I not only
enjoyed the class, but feel that I will be a better person if I can apply what was taught on a consistent basis.


“Excellent training. Wonderful to have an instructor who is knowledgeable and does not have to read off slides.”
t_r_tammy Maruska@rl.gov

“Excellent presentation technique and great command of his approach to the various members of the group. Great ‘sound bytes’ training. He understood this group’s needs for practical tools. Course was paced in a way that all people in the group could grow.”

“One of the best sessions I have experienced. He knows his topic and can teach it.”

“Very good presenter using sound bytes and relevant examples. Enjoyed it very much!”

“Good guy. This was my first leadership course and I feel I have taken a lot away from it.” Anthony.Taylor@rl.doe.gov

“Excellent. Very meaningful. Highly skilled and effective without being overbearing. Well done.” Gail_m_Splett@rl.gov

“Good information. Helpful. Projects were relevant and fun to complete. Videos were a useful tool to supplement the handbook.” Angela_e_ensunsa@rl.go

“Excellent way to relate to students. Good exercises.” Dana.Kranz@hq.doe.gov

“He is really good. More of this training should be provided.”

“Course included a good mix of instruction and exercises that embedded the lessons and tools” Steven_r_Einan@rl.gov

“Great job. The teams will be well served and better off.” Jeffery_l_Bird@rl.gov

“One of the most productive and well designed training courses I have been through.” Karla_a_compton@orp.doe.gov

“Unlike most courses I have taken at DOE, finally this course gave me the ‘how to do the concept’ not just defined your strengths and weaknesses.” Corbun_a_babel@orp.doe.gov

“Most useful course I have taken in my 3 years at DOE.” Vanessa.mastren@rl.doe.gov

“Very well done. Moved quickly and kept my interest up. Very well informed about the subject. Obviously tons of experience.” Connie.nottingham@RL.doe.gov

“Great class. Good mix of slides and lecture.Very good at keeping class attention and keeping class focused.”jodi.dawson@RL.doe.gov

“Good job educating an unruly bunch!” james_j_lynch@rl.gov

“Made it fun as well as informative.” Paul.davis@RL.doe.gov

“Jim is an excellent group facilitator and brought forth very interesting ideas for our workforce dynamic.” Stephanie_c_chu@rl.gov

“Very informative and touched each element for the right length.” Shannon.ortiz@rl.doe.gov

“A lot more interesting than I thought it would be. At first I thought what could he teach for 3 days?” david_c_kemp@RL.gov

“Surprisingly good. Many nuggets. We were fortunate. It was a privilege.” Richard_l_urie@rl.gov


“Excellent course. Insure that all supervisors in grade 11 and 12 and potential supervisors have a chance to take this course.

‘Dr. Looram’s experience, education and wisdom make for a great learning experience!
“Keep doing what you are going. Excellent delivery!
“Very valuable information. Very informative. Very well done!
“Realistic material, well presented. Absolutely met my needs!”


“He is excellent, knows his stuff”

“Excellent instructor” daniel.rodriguez-1@nasa.gov

“Instructor was very knowledgeable and did not sugarcoat
the position of supervisor: honesty in presentation
of the supervisor role”

“Would encourage Jim and his course to come back to NASA
in an expanded capacity” irebert.r.delgado@nasa.gov

“Assessment tools were insightful and helpful. I enjoyed and learned a lot from the instructor” lindsay.m.flash@nasa.gov

“Great course in this area, that should lead / directyou to further leadership courses. Instructor very pleasant and easy to understand” robert.t.strunak@nasa.gov

“ I think this course could be expanded to all employees not just those considering supervision” james.p.withrow@nasa.gov

“Instructor was very knowledgeable. Course is good for an introduction to supervision. I think people should take it early in their career.” Jennifer.m.nappier@nasa.gov

“Jim was very knowledgeable, professional and humorous when delivering the material. Sorry it was not a day longer. I recommend this course be offered again. Provides self awareness that is valuable to development” robert.d.overy@nasa.gov

“It was obvious this instructor is knowledgeable. No question went unanswered. This should be required for any employee interested in supervision” Brenda.l.ellis@nasa.gov

“I liked the personal stories and anecdotes” michael.j.depauw@nasa.gov


“Every Special Agent should receive this training prior to being promoted to supervisor.”

“Every professional should go through a course like this. Facilitators were sympathetic, encouraging and kept us on track.” Carrie.Finch@usss.dhs.gov

“This class was extremely useful. The trainers were well versed in the subject matter and great presenters. The entire organization leadership within the Secret Service should know about this seminar.” Delena.spann@usss.dhs.gov

“Excellent. Faculty were very down to earth and very knowledgeable.”

“Very descriptive, encouraging, funny, and kept the event light hearted.”


“ It was the first educational experience at the VA where I was engaged throughout and never found myself staring at the clock.” Katie Francis

“ Very personable instructor. Answered any question about the course. Controls group discussions when they are getting out of hand. Very enjoyable to listen to.”
Ashley Honelaw”

“ I really really enjoyed this training!!! The exercises really made one evaluate themselves and how they currently conduct themselves. It shows ways to improve and go forward.”Shirley Knecht

“ He gave a lot of himself to keep it interesting.” Gwen Provins

“ It was an extremely valuable experience. I gained a lot of personal insight as well as insights into organizational leadership. It should be mandatory training for all leadership within VA as there are many concepts which cold be valuable to current managers, but especially those considering moving into management.” Christie Wetzel

“ I have grown and gained insight into myself and the organization. Wonderful insight into human behavior and motivation” Stephen Zimmerman

“ I really enjoyed Dr. Looram: very personable and related to all of us really well. I have grown so much and learned so much about myself as well as others. My interaction and communication skills have grown so much from this journey.” Carol Lewin

“ Instructor was easy to understand, approachable knowledgeable and conveyed real world scenarios and examples. The exercises truly helped me learn from others.” Niki Beckman

“ Great instructor. Knows his stuff. I have been given essential tools to help me become a leader and mentor others on this path.” Janell Elsberry

“ The content was vey powerful and informative. Excellent facilitator. Highly recommended.” Jenny Sergent

“ I love it and if I had to do it again I would.” Bertha Ford

“ Dr. Looram not only gave handouts and effective speeches, he gave life examples that applied to organizational skills. He was personable and made sure we each understood the material before moving on.” Anastasia Boaz

“ He covered a great deal of information in a short time. I appreciated his ability to listen and refocus the group or individual to the task, and “call it as you see it”. I appreciate you sharing your experience and knowledge.” Eileen Higgins

“ Dr. Looram has a wealth of knowledge on different subject. He brought experience, enthusiasm and vision to many subjects. I have already applied some learnings.” Dan Hongell

“This was a fantastic way to teach future leaders to lead. It was organized, easy to follow and end encouraged engagement of the students. He was engaging and took the time to get to know the student and their personal / work situation and incorporated that into his lessons.> I look forward to enacting quiet changes.” Michelle Miller
“The knowledge of the trainer and the information provided was top notch.” Melanie Holmes

“I think you are doing a wonderful job. You allow individual and group think. Amazing.”
Robyn Smith

“A lot if useful information. Paced well.” Juanita Hannusch

“Trainers experiences and stories made the program lifelike and encouraged participation.” Roland DeLaune

“Best training I have had!” Nicholas Rayo

“Interesting, intelligent, real world, passionate and flexible presenter.”

“Excellent teacher. Great job of grabbing our attention and keeping it.” Gerald Timmins

“Outstanding seminar and instructor.” Mae Griffin

“Instructor made a huge difference. Sharing embarrassing stories opened up communication, laughter, comfort.” Erica Perez

“Extremely useful and meaningful presented in a user friendly format. Most informative training I have ever received on the subject.” Renae Cotton

· Well spent 2 days. A rich mix of participants and all were well-engaged contributors to the work sessions. It was well managed and facilitated and
· Provided for thoughtful and constructive development of goals. Through the iterations the
· group was able to refine its own work. Momentum was good.
· Looram did a good job of keeping us on track and providing forums and materials to discuss and track our progress.
· This was constructive fun and productive.
· The format was organized and led in a way that kept it productive. No wasted time.
· We did well. It's useful to connect with partners to find mission overlap and common
· themes to work together on.
· Great job. Well organized and moved along at an efficient and productive pace.
· Good directed filtering process. Enjoyed the switching of partners/teams/tables for the
· exercises. Good casual approach to a very complex problem. Made the work much easier
· and at times even enjoyable.
· Did not know what to expect and am walking away with more ammunition and professional contacts than I had before.
· Facilitator well organized, well prepared, and treated the audience well.
· Good facilitation – not an easy task.
· The facilitation was outstanding. I have been thru a few of these over the years and this was the best.
· Facilitator kept the group on point and kept to the schedule. All participants were engaged, seemed committed to helping achieve a successful outcome...


“ Jim,
In the next week or so Dan is going to be promoted to Director of Corporate Services. In part, this recognizes our belief that Dan is now ready and has demonstrated the ability to take on increased responsibility. I want to take a minute to thank you and Jerry for helping make it possible for Dan to achieve this promotion. I'm sure that he would agree that you guys played a pivotal role in shaping the “new Dan”
- Bill Stewart, CEO, Chugach Electric Association, Anchorage AK, mrbill1@mtaonline.net

"I was stretched and motivated to explore what's truly important to me as a leader. Jerry's enthusiasm and credibility helped me open up to myself." — David Ignatius, Manager, Blue Cross Blue Shield Association

"This coaching experience was a great process of self discovery. It allowed me to discover the answers for myself and focus on what I needed to know in order to get back into balance. It was comprehensive, covering my mind, body and spirit. And it is set up to be an ongoing learning experience. Jerry is very inviting. You feel like you have known him before. He has great ability to discover what you need and instantly change the course accordingly to meet your needs. I can now take the next steps to increase the quality in my personal and professional life." — Charley Humbard, Former Executive Vice President & General Manager, Discovery Digital Networks

“The two of you have been a huge influence on me and for that I am grateful. I’ll stay in touch as I go forward and would appreciate any wise counsel that you have for me." Bill Stewart, CEO, Chugach Electric Association, Anchorage AK mrbill1@mtaonline.net

A good job putting together a set of experiences tailored to my needs. I continue to use what I learned from you every day, and I literally mean every day. Great insight, right from the first cup of coffee. Good pacing and flexibility. You really listened to me without imposing your own paradigms on me. Very effective in helping me see myself. I trust and believe that I am pursuing a path that will take me where I want to go. I truly believe you helped me launch into the second part of my life." — Steve Billig, Director, Market Research & Analysis, US WEST

"This was an investment of time and money that has already paid me back in the form of deep learning and understanding, personal insight and increased organizational performance. I made significant improvement in how I handle feedback that requires me to change. We also made significant progress towards resolving critical challenges facing this team. I like Jerry and his style a lot!" — Paul Renner, Former Chairman of the Board & CEO, Mitsui Vendor Leasing (USA) Inc. (one year later)

This has been a pivotal experience for both my personal and professional life. It is a rare opportunity to focus on specific things that are getting in the way of my progress, where the focus is intense enough and has enough feedback loops to really drive significant change. What I especially liked was Jerry's ability to interpret and connect with my needs and match them with strong workable solutions. He went the extra mile and took the risks to go beyond normal expectations. He deserves an A++! This has given me the tools to navigate future waters and even enjoy the trip. My soul thanks you from the bottom of my heart." — Bell H. Smith, Senior Vice President, Quality Assurance, KOLMAR Laboratories